Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Important dates for you to remember

In addition to the upcoming Thought Bubble festival in Leeds (21st November), where you will be able to buy my comics, there are some other important Leonie dates to mark on your calender:

I'll be exhibiting new artwork at the Literary and Philosophical society with Martyn Jones from the 2nd November to the 23rd December.
I will be running workshops and generally being a nuisance at the following events:

WORDplay book fair, Whitley Bay, 17th October

Durham Book Fete, 24th October.

I should have some more details about those events nearer the time.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Some Forgotten Part in HD

I've snazzied up my old graphic novel Some Forgotten Part with some sharper colours and a new font and a new back cover (complete with quote from the awesome review it got in Comics International)
It's available on Lulu for £17.00 (not including p&p) SFP.
I will also have a few copies to sell at Thought Bubble, along with Monstrum book 1, Tag Team, Monstrum book 2(hopefully), postcards, prints and some Christmas cards (hopefully). The word in brackets indicates that I haven't actually made these things yet.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Women in Comics

This looks interesting:

A one day conference, 'Women in Comics' will take place on the 25th October 2009. Women comic artists will speak about their work, and broader discussion will include the representation of women in comics. The event will run as part of The Cambridge Festival of Ideas week.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Spring break shark attack

It's been a while since I treated you to a shark movie review, so I thought I'd do a write up of 'Spring Break Shark Attack' or 'Dangerous Waters Shark Attack' as it's being called in it's UK re-release. Oh, and even though it's on DVD, it's still very clearly a t.v. movie. It even has space for ad breaks.


Remember Dawson's Creek? Now imagine it with sharks. Now imagine that those sharks don't do much and don't attack the most annoying main characters.

This movie stars Shannon Lucio (you know her right? She played Lindsay Gardner in the O.C.)and a bunch of other people who look like they could've been in the O.C. (except for the guy playing her nerd brother who looks nothing like her and doesn't even have the same accent). And Bryan Brown turns up occasionally to be evil and lament his ailing career.

So some idiot girl goes to Florida (against her Dad's wishes)to spend spring break with her idiot friends. Her nerd brother is also in Florida studying stuff to do with the sea. He thinks that tiger sharks might live in the sea, but can't prove it.
The idiot girls meet up with some idiot guys, and the main girl (played by Shannon Lucio, remember her? Season 2 of the O.C.), falls quickly in to some love triangle with a local boy that likes to build engines and a sleazy idiot boy who spikes her soda with some date rape drug (which he carries about with him in a beach towel for some reason?) There's a minor sub plot about her Dad being evil because he cheated on his girlfriend, her brother is making some kind of shark repellent device, and Bryan Brown is chumming for sharks because the new reef is stealing all his business.
I don't know how a reef can put an actor out of work, but watching this movie I'm beginning to see how that could happen.
All these plot points take a back seat to the dull teen drama, and not nearly enough people get attacked. Until the very end when it all kicks off. A whole gaggle of tiger shark descend on spring break, hoping for free beer but settling for scantily clad teens. Evil date rape boy gets his comeuppance by being eaten, and (randomly) engine boy gets a harpoon in the shoulder. But rather than seek medical attention he is content for a romantic stroll on the pier. Nerd brother's repellent saves the day, dispersing the dangerous man eating sharks, probably forcing them in to other busy recreational areas nearby.

Final verdict: Not enough sharks. No imaginative deaths. Dull teen nonsense.

Friday, 4 September 2009

new look cephalopod enclosure

I've changed my website, check out the new look site and let me know if you spot any mistakes, dead links, etc.
Also, don't forget, the first meet up about the small press community business will be held on Sunday at the Head of Steam. Get in touch if you'd like to come along.
You'll find my contact details on my lovely new site:
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