Saturday, 24 July 2010

Shout out Saturday

I don't use Twitter, so I can't do 'Follow Fridays' but I did want to mention some cool people, so I've decided to do a Shout-out Saturday today. - The new store in Newcastle devoted to local handmade items. - Brilliant illustrations, I bought one of her beautiful bags a few months ago and I use it all the time. - An up and coming business with a new approach to regional journalism, this is definitely one to watch. - pop down and check out this 'Hive of creative commerce'. I had a good inspiring chat there the other day. - Michael O'Keefe zines, now available to buy online. I'd wanted to tell people to go buy his work, but you couldn't until recently, so now I can say "go buy it". - I may have mentioned this once or twice already, but I'm going to SPX in September and I'm super excited. It's a big expo for small press comic books. And it's in America, which is currently my favourite place to visit. I can't wait. - Andy Talbot Smiths new documentary. You can follow his progress as he makes it. - Settle down in Newcastle is a lovely cafe (I recommend their cinnamon bites. Mmmmm) And they've recently extended their premises to include a new venue which will be used for a variety of events and arts activities. They're open to suggestions, so if you want to use the space for something, just get in touch with Neil. - The Lit and Phil are running a Viz exhibition next month (and I'll be doing workshops at it).

Thursday, 22 July 2010


You can get my book 'Some Forgotten Part' for 15% less at until the 15th August. Follow this link and enter coupon code: BEACHREAD305

Or just visit my stall at a festival (there'll be a list on my site from now on, under the 'Exhibition' section: ) and get it way cheaper than the internet price. With an optional doodled octopus on the inside cover .

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

woolly critter

Throw away all your 'collectable' vinyl figurines, because wool is where it's at! I've enlisted the help of Vicky Richardson to turn my squiddy/octopus/generic cephalopod logo in to a lovable little crocheted creature. Here's some photos of the prototype. If anyone would like to name him I'm open to suggestions.
If we go in to production there may be a limited run available at SPX.

(above) My Logo
(below) The woolly prototype.
Me and my logo hanging out:

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

My wisdom teeth are trying to kill me.

A sketch based on the film 'Hai-alarm auf Mallorca' for my next book/zine/comic/whatever 'The Shark Report.' Still undecided about the format. It's in glorious full colour which makes it all a bit pricey and awkward. I might try out Magcloud, or go for a square format and hope for the best with Lulu's rapidly declining service. Or I might even go old school and print it at home and do a hand printed cover.
I'm also starting work on a comic strip commissioned by a magazine and I've got some more workshops coming up (the next one is in August at the Lit and Phil, more details soon!)
Toothache, and a dose of antibiotics which aren't agreeing with me, meant I missed out on this years Friendship Festival and have left me pretty glum all week, but hopefully painting more fish based mayhem will help.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Wonder Woman rant

Everyone else on the internet seems to be spouting on about the new Wonder Woman costume so I thought I might as well join in.

I don't think the re-design is bad, I just don't think it's right for Wonder Woman. You can't really rebrand an icon and keep it recognisable, the best you can hope for is to just make slight adjustments. But I suspect DC just wanted some short term publicity (which they got plenty of) as opposed to a long term change. Or perhaps they're gearing up for the alleged film that's been on it's way forever.

Even the Guardian newspaper felt the need to comment. I thought their suggestion, although (hopefully) tongue in cheek, was awful and missed the point of the character. For example, I don't think Wonder Woman has to worry about putting her hair in curlers, apart from the fact she's meant to be a naturally beautiful Amazonian she's also a drawing.

So, here's my suggestion with a quick little doodle to illustrate my ideas:

And here's the thinking behind it:

Basically, it's a classic Wonder Woman look, with some modern touches.

The drapey top is based on the old 'Young Diana' outfit.

The skirt - Wonder Woman wore a skirt in her first appearance. It was changed in favour of shorts, believed to be a bit more modest. Ironically, after complaints about the content of the comic, a propsed redesign in the 40's suggested a grecian style tunic as a more proper outfit.

The skirt idea made a few comebacks during the golden age, the 80's and even in Kingdom Come. It looks a bit structured in my sketch, but I was thinking something like a hankerchief hem would be a good update, along the lines of Beyonces ridiculous outfit in Lady gaga's Telephone video. (Ridiculous for a person, perfect for a comic character)
Are skirts really impractical for a superhero? No, because it's a comic and you can choose what angles you draw things from. She had far more on show when Deodato drew her in tiny pants.

Shoes: A return to the strappy sandal, currently on trend and a Wonder Woman fashion staple during the late 40's through to the 60's. Also, they fit well with Marstons original vision of a comic filled with bondage images.

But, for the record, my favourite ever Wonder Woman artist is Darwyn Cooke. They should just let him sort it out.
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