Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Illustrations.

Some new illustrations.
I found some random bits of paper at the back of a cupboard which are perfect for inking; Super smooth, a little glossy and quite heavy, but no good for watercolours. So I thought I'd do some simple inked illustrations on it. I have no idea what kind of paper it is or where it came from, I have a feeling it was packaging or something.
They looked a bit harsh to me in black and white (probably because I'm used to my own artwork being all watercoloury) so I added a drop of colour in photoshop.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Canny Comic Con - Coming soon!

There's a new one-day comics event happening this December in Newcastle; The Canny Comic Con.

Check out the blog here for news on exhibitors/guests etc.  Guests confirmed so far are Bryan Talbot, Paul Davidson, Stacey Whittle, Terry Wiley, Andrew Waugh and me!
There'll also be talks, workshops and all sorts of other fun stuff.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Monstrum Redux!

Monstrum Horrendum now has its own lovely little space on my website, where you can read the books online ( I know a few people had problems downloading them from Lulu, so this should make things easier!) They have been repackaged with some shiney new covers. Check them out!

And a new adventure is on its way!

Here's some of the work in progress:



Wow. Looks like there's a lot of surprised and angry people in this issue! You'll have to wait a little while to find out what's causing all the commotion.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Hello Kitty!

Steve Holder is an artist who I've wanted to collaborate with for quite some time. However, due to conflicting schedules, getting together on a project was going to be tough. The inital project I approached him with was a pretty epic book, which was just too big a project for either of us to really tackle at that point in time.

Then Steve had a great idea ; do a little project, just for fun as and when we get time to, using well known characters. His idea was to do something along the lines of Strange tales or Bizarro, to basically take established characters and give them our own twist.
So we wrote some scripts for each other to draw.

First up, Kitty Pryde! I'd asked Steve if he could do something based around a John Byrne era Kitty and he sent me this little gem.

'Dear Diary' Story by Steve Holder, Art by Leonie O'Moore.

P.S. All characters are owned by Marvel, we just did this project for fun!
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