Saturday, 26 November 2011

Some favourite moments...with Hook Jaw

I know some of you visit here for the shark related posts, and usually I do stuff about shark movies but today I thought I'd share some of my favourite comic book moments.

Oh, that Hook Jaw. Such a mischievous little scamp!

That's not the...oh, never mind.

Stewardess school did not prepare her for this...

'Can I get some complimentary drinks to go with this pilot please?'

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thought Bubble 2011 successfully completed.

Thought Bubble. Wow.
I won't even bother trying to do any kind of review because I really wouldn't know where to even begin.

This year I didn't bother with a stall, since a lot of my stuff is now available as a digital product rather than as physical books and my latest work has been published by other people (with bigger, better stalls) so it seemed pointless.
It worked out to my advantage, I got to meet a ton of people, actually ran out of business cards (first time EVER), and just got to do a lot of stuff I would've missed out on if I'd been stuck behind a stall all day. I don't go to many conventions anymore so it's lovely to catch up with everyone and see what they're up to. Also, I've been hooking up with more projects online and conventions are often the only chance I get to meet with my collaborators!
Brought a portfolio with me and had a great response from publishers, and some wonderful feedback from Marvel which made me almost explode with joy, also met lots of other great writers/artists/editors. Still managed to miss all the talks I'd planned on attending, but spent some time watching amazing artists drawing things so I feel like I learned something.
It was an exhausting but inspirational 3 days.

While I recover I've got a bunch of projects to finish up on. So I'll be spending the next few days drawing comics and storyboards, reviewing a years worth of footage (so I can see if there's actually a movie in there), and typing away at some new scripts. Luckily, I can do all those things from the comfort of my sofa with a big mug of tea.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Flying Sharks

 I did a comic in 2001 (I think? Maybe 2000? Sometime around then anyway.) about flying sharks. I haven't gotten around to doing a sequel yet (busy!), but if I did it'd probably look a bit like this:

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

2 - Headed Shark Attack

After a two headed shark was recently mentioned in the news I joked on facebook that I'd have to make a comic about it quickly before the Asylum made a film about it. But, they've beat me to it! Damn their super fast movie making skills!
Yes, this is a real movie. Yes, I will be buying it. 
It's due the end of January.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

It's November already?

I've been working away on my documentaries - even got to go back to London to do some more filming! Also busy with some comic projects / freelance work.
Feels like I've been working on some of these projects forever, hopefully I'll get to share them all with you someday!
In the meantime, please check out the Weekly Themed Art Blog (if you haven't already!). I've been contributing pretty regularly (my stuff is here) and the blog is full of great artists with a huge range of styles(with a blog list down the side so you can find more of their work too).
Horny Biker Sluts is getting back on track - pop over to the blog every Sunday this month to enjoy some lovely exclusive artwork. Get your crayola out because HBS is also looking for submissions!

This is a busy time for comic conventions too - with TWO new ones starting up : ComicsWest in Galway, Ireland (12th November) and The Canny Comic Con in Newcastle, UK (10th Dec.), as well as good ol' Thought Bubble in Leeds, UK (14th - 20th Nov.) I've also just seen that Tim Sale is doing a signing at Travelling Man, Newcastle on the 16th November! Wow! I've got a giant framed 'Spider-Man : Blue' poster in my living room. Wonder if I can drag that along?
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