Monday, 20 January 2014

How to make a Megalodon movie

A Megalodon as seen in 'Shark Attack 3: The John Barrowman Story"

Megalodons are popular movie villains because they're usually depicted as scaled up great white sharks. I've watched every Megalodon Shark movie there is so let me share what I've learned with you:

1. Megalodon are prehistoric, so make sure to mention that a lot. It doesn't matter what era of prehistory they're from, pick a time period and go with it. Let's just say Jurassic, everyone likes that.

2. Megalodons can be any size because science doesn't really know how big they were anyway. They can even keep changing size throughout the movie because maths is hard and for all science knows, they could do that.

3. It's hard to come by a Megalodon in the wild and even harder to get it to stay on it's mark so you'll have to hire a CGI shark to play the part of a Megalodon.

4. Sharks are actors too, even the CGI ones, so give them motivation. Maybe they're hungry or lonely or they just want people to stop drilling for oil. Anything. Just remember, being a wild animal is not motivation enough for eating people.

5. Megalodons can attack anyone in water no matter how shallow. Even if the actor is clearly standing on the seafloor, and there isn't enough water to conceal a shark of any size, Megalodon can still appear. Shhh...Science, you don't know.

6. Although Megalodon enjoy eating people, their favourite food is boats.

7. Megalodon are in no way extinct.

A Megalodon shown eating its second favourite food in the movie  'Hai alarm auf Mallorca' 

Top Tip: Using the word 'Megalodon' in your movie title may confuse people who aren't massive nerds. A way around this is to use other, more descriptive terms like: 'Attack of the 60 ft Shark', 'Super Mega Monster Fish', 'DinoJaws' or 'Megalasaurus Rex' .

If you don't want to waste two weeks of your life making your own Megalodon movie, you can just watch some that other people made:

And here's the trailer for The Asylums newest shark masterpiece 'Mega Shark VS Mecha Shark', (due out on 28th of January) which looks AMAZING:

'Megalodon' was recently re-released as 'Sharkzilla'. Buying it once is bad enough, don't accidentally buy it twice.
'Jurassic shark' was also released as 'Attack of the Jurassic Shark'
'Mega Shark in Malibu' is actually a repackaged version of 'Malibu Shark Attack' and has no Mega sharks in it. False Advertising!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Happy 1980! I mean 2014!

Let's usher in 2014 with some 80's cartoon characters!

 I've been painting a lot of this sort of thing lately, mostly for my own amusement. 

I'd wanted to do a proper Cheetara painting for a long time. For a little girl in the 80's, Cheetara was one of the coolest characters. She was smart, athletic, and had an extra power (her sixth sense) which none of the other Thundercats had. More importantly, she had the respect of her peers. A lot of other cartoons and comics at the time included female characters which were meant to be tough but there was still the eye roll 'that's women' attitude from the male characters which just undermined the whole thing. As the series wore on Cheetara became less powerful and got increasingly less screen time. She needed to be rescued. Although, this happened at a time when they felt the need to make Lion-o seem more important so actually all the other Thundercats got the same treatment, but that didn't make it suck any less.  
Jackal Man
80's villains had great design and so much humor. One of my favourite Jackalman moments is when he's attacked by the creatures in the moat outside their castle and he shouts 'You fools! I live here!'.


 Re-watched some Masters of the Universe cartoons recently. Skeletor is one of the greatest cartoon villains. Apart from his amazing design, the voice actor did a great job with his chuckle and his put downs are hilarious. (Supercut of his insults here: ) Plus his schemes are ridiculous!

 I did a Godzilla painting, which I've also been meaning to do for a while.

So, 2013 was a pretty crazy year for me. I moved to America and it's been a much bigger adjustment than I anticipated. The whole year has been a huge adventure. It's been amazing, it's been really tough too, but well worth it. I did quite a few comics, only one of which has seen print so far, but hopefully the others will be released this year. I've written a whole bunch of comic scripts (including an epic sci-fi series) I have no idea what I will do with those yet. I've also been working on book illustrations, including a series of kids books which is due to launch this year. I 'm very excited about that. I opened up a store on Society 6 too, so you can buy my artwork on all manner of things. Please share it and let people know about it!

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